Sacramento Public Library Pioneers: A New Era with IMMS™ in the U.S.

Sacramento Public Library, known for its dedication to service excellence, becomes the first U.S. institution to employ Lyngsoe Systems' IMMS™. Discover how this iconic library is reshaping its future and setting a benchmark for libraries across America.

Sacramento Public Library Embraces Innovation with Lyngsoe Systems’ IMMS™

Making an indelible mark in the U.S. library sector, the Sacramento Public Library emerged as the pioneering American institution, and indeed the first outside Europe, to integrate Lyngsoe Systems’ Intelligent Material Management System™ (IMMS™).

From its headquarters in Aars, Denmark, Lyngsoe Systems heralded this collaboration, underscoring Sacramento Public Library's longstanding commitment to excellence, a legacy spanning over 150 years. Throughout its storied history, the library has been a beacon of trust, integrity, respect, and unparalleled professionalism. From offering diverse programs and services aimed at fostering lifelong learning to bridging the digital divide with nearly 600,000 hours of annual digital content access, the library continues to evolve.

IMMS™ stands as a testament to this spirit of innovation. Complementing their Sierra Integrated Library System, the tool promises to reshape material management. It allows for efficient data collection, pinpointed logistics, and optimized material flow, ensuring each branch receives precisely what it needs. IMMS™ is designed not only to enhance title variety for patrons but also to provide library staff with a robust platform for data-driven decisions. The system also aids in minimizing handling errors and offers detailed insights into material usage and positioning.

Rivkah Sass, Library Director & CEO of Sacramento Public Library, expressed her excitement: “Being the first U.S. institution to adopt IMMS™ is a point of pride. In a constrained budget scenario, tools like IMMS™, which optimize our collections and enhance our service efficiency, are invaluable. We can now pinpoint item locations in real-time, ensuring a seamless flow throughout our library system."

Echoing her sentiments, Henrik Kjeldgaard, Business Unit Director at Lyngsoe Systems, said, "Sacramento Public Library's decision to incorporate IMMS™, building on their existing Automated Material Handling, places them at the vanguard of evidence-based collection management. Patrons are in for an enriched experience, with optimal material availability and organized shelves. The library, known for its innovation, adds another feather to its cap with IMMS™, emphasizing the role of digitization and automation in enriching community learning experiences."


Deep Dive into Sacramento Public Library

An integral part of California's landscape, Sacramento Public Library ranks as the state's fourth-largest library system. Serving over 1.4M residents across various cities, it is steered by a 15-member board representing each jurisdiction. With 28 libraries, a dedicated team of 300, a collection surpassing 1.5M volumes, and an annual budget of $50M, the library is an embodiment of community service. Boasting over 800,000 cardholders, an annual circulation of 8 million items, and a footfall of 4.4M visitors, the library’s expansive range of 8,000+ programs highlights its community-centric ethos.

Lyngsoe Systems: At a Glance

For over four decades, Lyngsoe Systems has been a global frontrunner in advanced electronic logistics control, especially in RFID technology. With over 3,700 installations across 60+ countries, the firm specializes in logistical solutions tailored to uplift library services.

Understanding IMMS™

IMMS™ is a game-changing logistical system that works in tandem with existing ILS/LMS, introducing an unmatched clarity to material flows. It elevates data quality, boosts collection circulation, and efficiently manages item distribution across floating or partially floating collections.

Spotlight on Innovative

A subsidiary of ProQuest Company, Innovative stands as a global torchbearer in providing cutting-edge technology solutions for libraries. With a diverse portfolio catering to various types of libraries, Innovative has its roots in Emeryville, California, but boasts a global footprint. More details are available at

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