Case Story: NHS Lothian

Track and Manage Sterile Assets

Discover how NHS Lothian is revolutionizing their hospital logistics with Lyngsoe X-Tracking™, a cutting-edge solution for real-time visibility of sterile goods. Learn how this integration enhances patient safety and streamlines inventory management.

Manage and track sterile assets across multiple sites

NHS Lothian has five hospital sites that provides a comprehensive range of primary, community-based, and acute hospital services for the populations of Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian, and West Lothian, as well as some specialist services for patients in the wider region of the southeast and across Scotland. NHS Lothian has an annual budget of £1.6 billion and employs approximately 26,000 staff. 

NHS Lothian is the second largest Health Authority in the United Kingdom, and it has its own onsite sterilisation and decontamination unit servicing 4 acute sites within the Health Authority. Lyngsoe Systems is working alongside Cantel Medical to deliver a solution to help track various sterile goods as they move throughout a busy hospital logistics supply chain.


The Challenge:

Inefficient Asset Tracking

NHS Lothian, like many other healthcare institutions, faced the daily struggle of inefficient asset tracking. Important medical equipment and instruments often went missing or were difficult to locate, leading to unnecessary delays, increased operational costs, and potential disruptions to patient care. The previous tracking system proved time-consuming, error-prone, and simply inadequate to meet the demands of a modern healthcare setting.

It led to clinical staff postponing or even cancelling surgical operations when instrument sets were not available and the sterile services struggled to conduct timely cleaning and sterilization of instruments.

Our Solution:

Providing full visibility of sterile goods

When it comes to the critical task of managing sterile goods, we recognized the need for full visibility and utmost efficiency. Acknowledging the urgency and importance of addressing NHS Lothian's asset tracking challenges, we suggested to deployed our RFID-tracking solution Lyngsoe X-Tracking. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) offers the perfect solution to monitor and manage assets seamlessly. With RFID tags affixed to each medical asset, our system would allow real-time tracking, ensuring accurate, up-to-date asset information accessible at the click of a button.

The Benefits:

Elevating Healthcare Operations

The results will be transformative, delivering a host of benefits for NHS Lothian:

  1. Improved Inventory Management: By providing full visibility of tray sets and endoscopes, we optimize inventory management and ensure that required instruments are readily available for surgical operations. This streamlined workflow minimizes delays and increases overall staff productivity.

  2. Enhanced Patient Safety: The integration of RFID-tracking technology facilitates accurate traceability information, resulting in improved patient safety. Only sterilized instruments will reach patients, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infections.

  3. Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Solutions: Lyngsoe X-Tracking seamlessly integrates with CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution from Cantel Medical. Accurate location data will effortlessly be updated between the two applications, streamlining search functionalities for specific sterile trays and endoscopes.

Pioneering the Future:

The First Fully Integrated System with GS1 Standards

This collaboration with NHS Lothian will be a historic milestone for Scotland's healthcare landscape. This project will be the first of its kind in Scotland to deliver a fully integrated system compliant with GS1 Standards. This achievement not only maximized operational efficiency for NHS Lothian, while maintaining high standards for patient safety, but also set a precedent for the entire industry.

Embrace the Future
of Asset Tracking

Together with NHS Lothian, we entered a new era of asset tracking in the healthcare industry. We invite you to follow suit and experience the transformative power of RFID-tracking technology.

If your hospital grapples with asset management challenges, reach out to us today, and let us help you embark on a journey towards streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and a brighter future for patient care.

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