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Elevate your efficiency, whether it is within Airports and Airlines, Postal Services, Parcel Handling, Healthcare, or Supply Chain Logistics. Harness the power of precise tracking for enhanced operations. Learn about all our solutions.

Delivering excellence with GS1 certified solutions

Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ Solution is recertified by GS1, whilst Automated Validation Station (AVS) and Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ solutions become GS1 certified.

Benefit From Industry 4.0

From smart factories to intelligent products, Lyngsoe Systems pioneers the path to efficiency, competitiveness, and data-driven decisions. Join the journey from hype to business value.

Intelligent logistics in real-time

For years, the worldwide adoption of asset tracking solutions has increased throughout healthcare, supply chains, and retail sectors. We help organizations seize the opportunities that tracking solutions bring.

Innovative RAIN RFID Reader Designed to Fit Under Belt Loader

Enhance passenger satisfaction by providing enriched baggage location updates, ensuring correct flight loading. Our belt load reader meets IATA Resolution 753 compliance, tracks baggage in harsh conditions, integrates with the Baggage Reconciliation System, and speeds up reconciliation by halting misrouted bags.

Intelligent RFID Reader to Supplement Barcode Scanner

Our RFID Sortation Reader enables airports to utilize the full capacity of their baggage handling system. Combining the information from both solutions, the percentage of correctly scanned baggage will increase to almost 100%.

Benefits of RFID in Healthcare

Dive into the world of RFID technology and its pivotal impact on patient care, operational agility, and safety within dynamic hospital environments. Discover how RFID streamlines asset tracking, accelerates equipment access, and transforms healthcare delivery.