Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™

Discover how Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ enables you to utilize huge amounts of tracking data to inform decision-making and optimize operations.

Capture and process real-time data with Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™

Businesses produce and receive enormous amounts of information every day which they use to make decisions, manage operations, and create value for their customers and shareholders. It’s therefore important to have the right systems in place to be able to collect, handle and process these large volumes of unstructured data.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors used in logistics to track and manage goods and assets in a variety of sectors generate huge amounts of data. Having a solution in place that can’t be scaled or isn’t designed to handle these volumes of data can cause big problems, and often results in data either being missed altogether, or inaccurate data being captured, which can negatively impact your business operations.

Standardising and automating the information extraction processes using a backend data capture and processing solution that integrates with your frontend systems, such as Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Transport Management Systems (TMS), ensures that the collected data is processed into relevant, usable insights, enabling you to make better business decisions. At Lyngsoe Systems, we offer a unique backend software application that does exactly that – Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™.

Leverage unstructured data with Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™

Our Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform captures, organises and enriches your logistics data, then delivers it to your business systems in an easily accessible, standardized format. This enables you to analyse and utilize the data, such as inventory, order status and delivery times, to inform decision-making and optimize operations, adding value to your business.

The data capture and processing solution can handle and filter millions of data at once. For example, capturing data via handheld devices means that an asset may be scanned hundreds of times by different devices, but only one data source is required. Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ ensures that only one device sends data into the system, avoiding excess data transmissions.

The platform can be deployed as a cloud-based or on-premises solution. It is a flexible and scalable platform and can seamlessly integrate with any desired application, without the need to make any changes to your existing infrastructure.

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ delivers superior performance, scalability, interoperability and data integrity across every element of your infrastructure.  


How our data capture technology works

The technology behind the item tracking and identification process is based on GS1 5-layered architecture, where the primary dataflow runs from the bottom up.

The process starts with placing an identification (ID) tag on the item, asset, or even person, that you want to track, and then different technologies for manual and automatic data capture can be applied. Our RTLS supports all commonly used data capture technologies, such as RFID, Wi-Fi, BLE, GPS or barcode – either alone or in combination.

Reading the ID tag requires a device capable of understanding the data contents. This data, whether captured by RFID, Wi-Fi, BLE, GPS, barcode, or a combination of these technologies, is then processed within the Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform. Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ enriches the collected tracking data with your master data and delivers it to your wider business systems. 

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ acts as the bridge between the raw data collected from ID tags and the frontend software – regardless of whether this software is a Lyngsoe Systems or third-party solution. This seamless integration ensures that the data captured from various sources is transformed into and presented as meaningful insights. When armed with these insights, you can make more informed business decisions and optimise processes.


How does Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ enhance your business operations?

Why choose Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™?

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ offers a range of unique benefits, including:

  • The flexibility to manage smaller, local operations right through to full scale, global operations with over 6,000 touchpoints in the supply chain
  • Seamless integration with any third-party frontend software
  • The ability to manage and secure all devices in your supply chain
  • Efficient application deployment and enhanced security
  • Incident minimization and rapid response due to accurate, real-time data
  • Best in class training and support from our 24/7 Customer Support Team

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ empowers you to swiftly identify and address potentially problematic incidents, such as a supply chain disruption, asset misplacement, mis-shipment, or security breach. Real-time data tracking and processing ensures quick mitigation – you can programme your frontend application to send an instant notification when anomalies occur, enabling you to intervene and rectify the issues more quickly.

Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ intelligently integrates and correlates data from diverse sources. By standardizing and automating information extraction processes using the platform, you gain insights that accurately reflect operational reality. This enables you to optimize business operations, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction and drives better business outcomes.

Take the next steps toward full supply chain visibility today

At Lyngsoe Systems, we have over 40 years’ experience as technology agnostic solution providers. We use our expertise and experience to help you optimize your supply chain management, enhance visibility, improve accuracy, reduce costs, and achieve higher efficiency. Talk to us about how we can support you to improve your supply chain performance and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

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