Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Austrian Healthcare Logistics

Sanitas, a major hospital solutions provider, will introduce Lyngsoe's X-Tracking™ RFID system to enhance efficiency and patient care. This partnership aims to set a global example for healthcare providers by integrating cutting-edge logistics solutions into patient care.

Lyngsoe Systems and Sanitas form an exciting partnership

In a groundbreaking move set to transform the Austrian healthcare logistics landscape, Lyngsoe Systems is delighted to announce that we have formed a partnership with Sanitas. Sanitas has been committed to medical technology for 70 years and is one of Austria's largest providers of hospital system solutions. Under the strategic partnership, Sanitas will offer our innovative X-Tracking™ RFID tracking solution to the Austrian market, having gained the knowledge and skillset required to implement the RFID solution over the last 12 months with support from our team of experts.

Sanitas will be supporting the GS1 standards when implementing our state-of-the-art X-Tracking™ technology, bringing this internationally recognised standard to the Austrian market. The solution promises to help hospitals to streamline their logistics, enhance patient care, and reduce operational costs.

X-Tracking™ is an advanced RFID tracking system that leverages real-time data and artificial intelligence to optimise the entire healthcare logistics chain. It provides hospitals with the ability to monitor and manage the movement of hospital beds, sterile goods, medical devices and safety equipment across multiple healthcare facilities. This level of precision and control is expected to significantly improve the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery in Austrian hospitals.

With conversations already taking place with several large University Hospitals across Austria, we believe the partnership will bring great benefits to the wider Austrian healthcare market and serve as a model for other healthcare providers globally, showcasing the benefits of advanced logistics solutions in the healthcare sector.

"Our commitment to delivering the highest quality healthcare to our clients’ patients has led us to seek innovative solutions to optimise our clients’ operations. Lyngsoe Systems' X-Tracking solution aligns perfectly with our goals of improving efficiency, accuracy and patient care. By integrating this cutting-edge technology into our services, we aim to provide a smoother and more reliable healthcare experience for all."

Gerhard Bertignol

CEO, Sanitas

"We are thrilled to partner with Sanitas and expand our footprint into the Austrian healthcare market. This partnership signifies a significant step to support digital transformation of healthcare logistics in Austria and across the DACH region. We believe that X-Tracking's ability to enhance visibility and deliver real time data within healthcare facilities will be instrumental in supporting operational performance and improving patient outcomes."

Andrew James

Sales and Business Development Director, Lyngsoe Systems

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