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Container Centralen takes the next step to keep their pool free of counterfeit labels by offering our RFID scanning solution to their customers through their webshop. The webshop offers customers easy access to the new generation of RFID scanners that are fully compatible with the CC4Scanner app.

How it all started - CC Tag-5

When we started our partnership with Container Centralen to develop a new generation tag, they had over some years investigated a variety of technology-based solutions to authenticate and identify each of its containers, including RFID tags.

Together with Omni-ID, we developed a custom-made RFID tag named ‘CC TAG5’. It is designed to be non-removable without visual damage, tamper-evident, and quicker and more reliable to read. On top of this, by using the ‘Brand Identifier’ technology embedded in the RFID tag, we can authenticate on the highest safety level that the tag is a genuine CCTAG5. The custom-made tag is, in other words, a solution covering all previous challenges of Container Centralen’.

The CC Tag - 5 at a glance

The introduction of the CC TAG5 sets entirely new standards for the combination of speed in the reading process and authenticity in the tamper-evident tag. The results have been impressive, with a significant reduction in reading times and an increased reading range.

  • Significant improvement in reading enabling reading of multiple asses (stacked) in motion
  • Quick, simple installation and operation using standard RFID readers
  • Authentication protected on the highest safety level, the Brand-identifier level
  • Tamper-evident with visible indicators for fast recognition of fake or broken labels for those not scanning yet.

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