Case Story: Crewe library

Hublet – supporting library groups and clubs

“We wouldn’t be able to run our most popular kids’ club without the Hublet tablets.”

Tilly, Library Assistant, Crewe Library

Enhancing library services

Crewe Library invested in Hublet self-service tablets as the library wanted to enhance its digital services and better support the community with digital access

A key motivation for the library’s investment was to provide local children with the ability to use Hublet tablets as part of its educational programme, including groups and clubs. One of these clubs, Lego Spike, engages young minds by utilising real robotics and coding which supports the kids in building Lego. The Lego Spike app is preloaded onto Hublet giving the user clear step-by-step instructions and encouraging learning. The solution comes with a special kit of Lego blocks that interact with the app and tablet via Bluetooth, bringing the Lego to life!

One parent, visiting the library with her primary school aged son, mentioned that he got into Lego Spike while on a visit to LEGOLAND. On their return, his parents researched how to continue his interest in the innovative and interactive Lego Spike app and discovered the club at Crewe Library. His parents now take a 10-mile round trip every week to ensure that their son can attend the group, have fun with Lego and learn the principles of robotics and coding.

Library Assistants, Billy Ellis and Tilly Coppin, who lead the Lego Spike club, are certain that they would not be able to run the club without the use of Hublet tablets. As the children are building Lego creations, they naturally want to move around, which the portability of Hublet allows. They also emphasised the durability of the tablets, which need to withstand occasional drops or being sat on, given that the age range of the club attendees is between 7 and 13 years old.

Digital inclusion for all

At Crewe Library, Hublet not only creates a fun resource for children’s groups, but it’s also a self-service device available for all library customers. The devices are used by a wide demographic of people, whether it’s to read the latest eBooks and magazines, play games, access educational content, watch video content, do personal banking (all data is wiped after every use), check emails or use a range of apps that have been preloaded onto the tablets. As the town’s main swimming pool is in the same building as the library, many parents use the tablets while their children are taking swimming lessons.

One library customer expressed her excitement about the Hublet tablet, describing it as nothing short of a “game changer”. She emphasised the joy and convenience it provides, particularly in being able to sit comfortably on a sofa while using the device.

The library is also close to The Acorn Centre, which offers support to individuals who have a learning disability, complex needs, dementia or physical disabilities. Groups from the centre visit the library and use the Hublet to watch videos and play games. The usability and robust design of Hublet is perfectly suited to supporting their specific needs.

A wider investment in Hublet

On a recent visit to the library, we spoke to Tom Appleby, Crewe Library Manager & Digital Learning Manager. Tom said: “We were delighted with the Hublet’s light touch implementation – it was much quicker and easier for us to set up compared with traditional PCs.”

“We were particularly impressed with Lyngsoe’s planning and installation process – the team was knowledgeable and supportive, and everything went very smoothly.”

Hublet has proven so popular at Crewe Library that Cheshire East Libraries are looking to implement the solution in Macclesfield and Wilmslow Libraries in the coming months.

Hublet benefits for users and library staff

Hublet self-service tablets offer many benefits for both customers and library employees. For users, it provides digital access while ensuring private and secure browsing. For libraries, it reduces administrative tasks, liberates space, decreases dependency on physical and hard copy content, and improves customer engagement opportunities.

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