Hublet Tablet

Hublet offers a user-friendly and convenient experience for both librarians and customers.  The Hublet solution is designed to be user-friendly and cost-effective, providing a self-service tablet experience that delivers digital content to individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

"Our implementation of the Hublet solution, for both staff and library users, has enabled us to promote our digital resources to a much wider audience"

Jaisant Patel

Systems Co-ordinator, Northamptonshire Libraries

Hublet is Easy and Convenient for Both Librarians and Customers

Hublet is a user-friendly and cost-effective self-service tablet solution, which delivers digital content to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. 

The Hublet solution helps to free up resources and save money, enabling you to optimise your library operations and improve customer experience.

Hublet saves an average of*:

  • 82 hours per library, per year
  • Over £9,000 per library, per year
  • 4 sq m of space compared to regular computers per library

*Hublet survey of libraries in Finland (spring 2021)

Download product sheet (Only available in the UK)

Hublet improves Digital Inclusion in Libraries

  • Increases digital access, safely and securely
  • Fast and secure loaning and returning, with no personal data stored
  • Access to tailored and appropriate content
  • Tablets can be moved around the library, which is better for privacy, entertainment, browsing and programme/event usage 

Benefits for Staff and Libraries

  • Reduces staff administrative time
  • Increase opportunities for customer engagement 
  • Makes it easier to provide the right content and resources 
  • Supports traditional library activities, such as programmes and access to resources
  • Reduces burden on stretched staff and IT resources
  • Frees up space and can be moved around the library
  • Reduces the need for hard copy content (such as magazines and newspapers) which can be limited in volume
  • Minimal installation time means the solution is up and running quickly
  • Offers flexibility and adaptability in the face of the changing digital world

The Lendable Hublet is Easy and Safe for Anybody to Use

The Hublet solution consists of tablets that are loaned from a secure docking station and operated on state-of-the-art software. The solution is fully comprehensive and doesn’t require library staff to monitor returns or IT management.

  • Automated borrowing, return registration, charging and wiping of user data (this ensures complete data privacy and protection)
  • Borrow and return options include library card, PIN code and QR code
  • Management software enables library staff to manage the devices and content; it also automatically updates applications

Users can access digital resources, such as e-books, audiobooks, digital newspapers and selected applications from the Play Store. These digital resources and any other content are fully controlled by the library service and can be tailored to different profiles of customers.

Additional Hublet Features

Hublet isn’t just a standalone product. If you already have Lyngsoe Library Clerk™ from our suite of smart library solutions, you can integrate it with Hublet tablets.

The Library Clerk™ shelf management system uses a handheld scanner and web-based app, which displays on the Hublet tablet, providing an easy, more efficient way of counting materials, finding lost items, retrieving materials and much more.


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