Case Story: Pontefract Library

Hublet – supporting library customers, groups & club

Pontefract Library invested in Hublet self-service tablets as library staff wanted to provide digital resources that can be accessed in an alternative way to traditional PCs.

Hublet is not only designed for individual library users, but it is also a great resource for events, groups and clubs, used by all ages.

“The portability is a real benefit. I run a Kids Code Club, so it’s nice to be able to move around the library and keep the kids engaged by not always being tied to a computer screen and desk.”



Library Officer Digital

How Hublet is being used

Enhancing groups and clubs

Former employee of the library and reading group organiser, Lynne, spotted the opportunity to incorporate Hublet as a key resource for the reading group. The group, largely made up of retired people, use the Hublet solution to research book reviews and other relevant information, providing interactivity and helping some members to improve their digital skills.

Prior to the introduction of Hublet, Lynne had little option but to carry out the research herself and print off book reviews and information relating to the books ahead of the session. Now, simply handing out the tablets from the Hublet 6 docking station makes the process quicker, easier, more interactive and better for the environment, replacing any hard copy content.

Children’s groups are also run within the library, such as a Coding Club for 6 to 16 year olds – a broad age range to keep interested and engaged. Using Hublet in the sessions allows members to move around while learning, which brings variety to the session and helps keep them more engaged.

The benefits

Hublet self-service benefits all library users

As well as supporting library groups and clubs, the Hublet solution is a self-service device available to all library customers. Within Pontefract Library, the Hublet 6 docking station is located next to the café area. This means, unlike static devices, the tablets can be borrowed and used while enjoying a beverage in a relaxed environment, giving the user complete privacy should they require it.

The library’s customers use Hublet for many different things, from reading magazines and newspapers to playing chess. However, the tablet can also be used for accessing emails and other more secure activities as all personal data is automatically wiped after every session, giving users peace of mind.

The solution

Working for Smarter Libraries

The Hublet solution has many benefits for both customers and library staff. For users, it provides digital access and enables private and secure browsing. For libraries, it reduces administration time, increases opportunities for customer engagement, frees up space and removes the need for some hard copy content.

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