Industry 4.0 for logistics and supply chain

From smart factories to intelligent products, Lyngsoe Systems pioneers the path to efficiency, competitiveness, and data-driven decisions. Join the journey from hype to business value.

Join the new industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 is the new industrial revolution originated in Germany and spread across the world under terms like Smart manufacturing, Smart factory, Digital factory etc. It is about taking manufacturing to the next level utilizing technology to merge the real world with the digital world through intelligent products, Internet-of-Things technologies, and cloud computing.

From hype to business value

Lyngsoe Systems helps you benefit from Industry 4.0 by focusing on the business value to be created from this new industrial revolution. Implementations are done to make production processes more efficient, increase manufacturing throughput, improve competitiveness and enhance brand value with intelligent products and new customer services.

Connecting the dots

Our Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ – Visibility Platform, is the engine needed to digitalize processes and products. It provides a connection between MES and production equipment on the production floor all the way up to the ERP system. The platform contains various functional modules and is built on automated Internet-of-Things technologies, sensors and system-to-system data exchange. Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics is available as both public and private cloud solution but it can be installed locally where business or security requirements call for this.

Digitalizing products

An intelligent product knows and remembers its whereabouts and conditions. Automated data capture and information from 3rd party systems provide the information. Through extensive experience with implementing automated identification and data collection systems Lyngsoe Systems helps build up the unique identification system for products, if not already available today. Intelligent products can be uniquely identified by the end-user verifying their authenticity, enabling new business models to be introduced and increasing brand value.

Digitalizing processes

Manual processes and gaps between data sources can be eliminated thru digitalization thus giving real-time overview of WIP (Work-In-Process). Production equipment, materials, load carriers etc. are uniquely identified and linked to Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ – Visibility Platform making it possible to gain increased visibility into manufacturing processes and monitor WIP. It will not only help you to reduce cost but can enable cost-out by removing entire workflows and processes. Digitalizing processes remove manual work, boosts efficiency and improves competitiveness.

Data-driven decision making

Monitoring and digitalizing manufacturing processes can reduce errors, as the right data are available at the right time and place – this support informed data-driven decision-making. It is, as an example, possible to set-up alert mechanisms, so e.g. if a wrong component is about the be mounted in a product, the machine / operator is notified, making sure a future recall is avoided. By digitalizing the value chain increased standardized information is available across multiple locations and precise and measurable manufacturing KPI can be introduced to optimize the entire value chain.

The core elements of Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics

Level-up your business

Lyngsoe Systems provides the full solution of identifiers (from barcode labels RFID-tags and sensors), reader infrastructure, integration SW, visibility platform and monitoring to merge the real world with the digital world. It is plugged into your existing manufacturing environment and communicates with production equipment as well as the IT systems already in place, making it easy and cost-effective to elevate your manufacturing to the next level. Everything is connected and information shared in real-time. Gain the benefits and become the factory of the future together with Lyngsoe Systems.

The benefits of Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics:

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