Case Story: Post Norway

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Discover how we helped Post Norway address their evolving needs to support e-commerce growth and secure quality of service. Learn how our Universal RTLS portal and Lyngsoe Live Logistics™ used real-time data, optimizing processes and elevating customer service.

“Understanding the needs and requirements of postal and logistics operators, and many years of experience supporting these with RFID, have been a key criterion for Post Norway in our decision to continue our valuable relationship with Lyngsoe Systems. They have a well-proven solution continuously being adapted to support the needs of postal operators and, the ability to ensure operational efficiency in postal processes. They have provided an optimal running RFID infrastructure, supporting Post Norway operations in the past 20 years and thus making it an easy choice to continue the cooperation.”

Torleiv Brennhovd

Category Responsible, Procurement in Posten Norway

The Challenge:

Upgrading existing RFID-infrastructure

Post Norway is Norway’s national postal service, covering the entire country and its  islands. Its forward-looking policy has meant constant investment in an RFID-based hardware and software infrastructure over the last 20 years, designed to support the best in customer services. Having used RFID for this many years Post Norway wanted to continue to do so. This meant the need for an upgrade of the existing RFID infrastructure to ensure that the infrastructure can continue to provide the operational efficiency gains already achieved, while at the same time support future needs emerging from engaging with the customers. The RFID infrastructure is a key component for Post Norway to secure operational efficiency and high quality-of-service levels. Even more important, to satisfy customer needs for track and trace and to be able to continue to offer extended value adding services, securing their position as the first choice for e-commerce companies.

Our Solution:

A future-proof reader to support multiple technologies

The solution’s key component is the Universal RTLS portal built on a partnership between Impinj and Lyngsoe Systems that features the future-proof Impinj Speedway R420 reader to support multiple technologies. Lyngsoe Systems has obtained the knowledge to develop and adapt their RFID solutions, from the daily running of RFID infrastructures in more than 56 countries worldwide. Together with International Postal Cooperation (IPC), a scalable and more flexible platform was developed alongside the RTLS portals and launched in 2018. The platform is driven by the necessity to be able to support changing postal market conditions and increased data handling volumes. The key platform requirements are a platform that is easy to integrate with, operational stable and secure, and at the same time flexible enough to scale to increase processing power, data handling and execution. Combined with a range of passive and active RFID portals, easy to self-install and commission, with high-performance Impinj RFID reader capabilities, ensuring real-time data, high reading accuracy, and read rates. You understand the choice made by Post Norway.

The Benefits:

Real-time data on parcels

The Real-Time Logistics System, running on Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ is inherently different than the current one and presents many additional benefits for Post Norway.

The benefits arise from the Technical differences between the current RFID solution and the RTLS RFID solution (RTLS). A passive RTLS infrastructure in combination with a standard embedded BLE infrastructure, will in addition to the existing usage, deliver multiple new possibilities and benefits.

For instance, real-time data on parcels will be valuable to e-commerce, as it will mean that they can start handling their returns earlier and possibly even redirect them en-route. Receivers can be offered new value-added services such as same-day delivery, time slot delivery and “just in time” redirection.

Real-time data will also benefit operations as they will be able to further optimize processes and avoid bottlenecks. This enables Post Norway to have reliable real-time data available for executing asset (container) management on all tagged assets in the Posten network and at the customer sites.

In addition, it provides the capabilities to manage the parcel/mail volume associated with the assets at any given time. Real-time capture of data from assets while they are on the move, in own or third-party vehicle fleets, enables transport optimization.

Optimization is achieved through reduced fuel consumption, lower vehicle maintenance cost, reduced road taxes and driver redundancy or re-focus, while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions supporting meeting sustainability goals. 

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