Case Story: Swiss Post

Enhancing Swiss Efficiency

The land of the Alps, Switzerland, is known for its focus on quality – whether it’s clockwork, chocolate or postal handling. We supplied 600 RFID portals to be mounted in Swiss Post’s postal and logistic centers to give them complete control over their 70,000 roll container assets and their mail flow.

The Challenge:

Strategic goal of meeting ambitious targets for customer satisfaction

One of the most innovative postal operators in the world, Swiss Post has a strategic goal of consistently meeting its own ambitious targets for customer satisfaction. Efficiency is the key, making heavy use of container and tray-based automated logistics, to handle:

  • 2.4 billion letters
  • 100 million parcels
  • 70.000 roll containers

Swiss Post has defined its own core values as “reliable”, “value-enhancing” and “sustainable.” In order to live up to those values, it constantly innovates and invests in cutting edge technology. To minimize operational costs, eliminate manual processes, improve quality and logistics, it wanted to be able to identify and track all its containers and the items they contain.

"Swiss Post selected Lyngsoe’s Material Management solution because it fulfilled our requirements for cost-effective implementation and operational reliability."

Marc Darsen

IT Project Manager, Swiss Post

Our Solution:

Fully automated and RFID-based

Lyngsoe Systems won a tender to provide a new material management solution to provide Swiss Post with a complete inventory and flow overview system, based on Lyngsoe’s 40+ years of experience. The solution installed is advanced, fully automated and RFID-based comprising over 600 Quick Mount RFID portals at 47 sorting centers/distribution hubs around the country, able to read passive EPC global Gen2 RFID tags attached to roll containers. The system also uses barcodes on mail trays that interface with other IT systems to provide end-to-end track and trace.

The Benefits:

Full visibility of roll container flow

Further Results:

Improved service quality

The new material management system allows Swiss Post to always know where mail is located, its destination and to identify bottlenecks in production or transport. It helps improve the level of quality of service and meet strategic targets including customer satisfaction. Apart from the RFID tags on the containers, the fully integrated solution also utilizes barcodes and interfaces to other IT systems to provide end-to-end, track-and-trace of containers as well as onboard mail trays. Destination barcodes on mail trays are registered as consignments within individual containers using a unique automated nesting solution.

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