Norway's largest healthcare region to use X-Tracking

Discover how our cutting-edge RTLS Platform will empower Norway's largest healthcare region with smart, efficient asset management that will streamline operations, enhance patient care, and resource optimization.

X-Tracking on RTLS platform from Lyngsoe Systems

We are proud to announce that Norway’s largest healthcare region, Helse Sør-Øst, and Lyngsoe Systems have entered into an agreement for Lyngsoe Systems to supply Lyngsoe X-Tracking™ for the healthcare region.

Working smarter in healthcare

Now, more than ever, healthcare providers have a need to work smarter and become more efficient while maintaining high levels of patient safety within their day-to-day operations.

Hospital employees face daily operational challenges locating and managing hundreds of mobile medical devices and technical equipment. Hospital staff spends much time searching for medical devices – often there is a shortage of medical devices in some departments, while other departments have a surplus. The lack of visibility of medical devices and their status, as well as overdue maintenance dates, may lead to safety compliance issues.

X-Tracking including the RTLS Platform from Lyngsoe Systems will through automatic registrations via RFID, create visibility of logistic processes and workflow for medical devices, technical equipment, beds, trolleys, patient handling equipment and sterile goods etc. needed for the treatment of patients.

“This is an important step in the digital transformation of hospitals in Helse Sør-Øst. which includes 11 Trusts – the largest healthcare region in Scandinavia, accounting for 57% of Norway’s population. All parties will benefit from the solution, especially patients and staff, but also the hospital and wider society will gradually receive higher quality hospital care with lower cost of resources.”

Keld Ole Nielsen

Business Development Director, Lyngsoe Systems

Providing logistic visibility

We will - in partnership with our local partner, also deliver the project management and installation services and may also deliver the RFID equipment for the infrastructure at the hospitals. When operational we will also provide 24/7 operational support and monitoring from Lyngsoe Systems customer service center.

Logistic visibility entail that staff can easily locate what they are searching for. This way valuable time is saved for patient care and staff time may be better utilized. Our X-Tracking solution, including the RTLS Platform software, will be integrated with Medusa asset management software from SoftPro Medical, while beds, trolleys, transport material, handling equipment and many other assets will be managed in the X-Tracking Asset Registry.

The X-Tracking solution on the RTLS Platform will become an important part of the infrastructure, managing the complex logistics of the hospitals and provide the required data to optimize processes in data driven improvements as well as hospital management.

Facts about the project:

Backend: RTLS Platform – a part of the GS1 based 5-layer system architecture
Frontend: X-Tracking™ for Asset Registry and users
Lyngsoe Systems: Experienced systems integrator with RTLS installation in 50+ countries
Technology: IOT, RFID, BLE, Barcodes, GS1, Smart Hospital
Local Norwegian Partner: Focus Security
Helse Sør-Øst: 81,000 employees, 11 healthcare Trusts, Budget 2021: 96 Mia NOK

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