Introducing the Lyngsoe LibDeco self-service kiosk

Lyngsoe Systems is introducing a brand-new series of self-check kiosks which are unique with its new stylish modern organic design. The new kiosks distinguish itself from anything else you've seen in the kiosk market until now. LibDeco is a product line of kiosks where libraries easily can decorate and style the kiosk to match the library design guide, or graphics as well as communicate messages linked to campaigns or seasons.

A design series with many possibilities

The first kiosk model is the floor model LibDeco F20, where the standout feature is its height adjustment feature, catering to children, adults of all heights, and wheel-chair users, while ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable experience for any patron.

The LibDeco series of self-check kiosk models for several installation options like free-standing on the floor with height adjustable, fixed height, wall mounted, or as a tabletop.

Not only does the LibDeco have a sleek and soft organic design expression, but it also has a small footprint, making it effortless to integrate into any library setting.

The look and feel of the new Library kiosk is inspired by the timeless principles of Scandinavian design and with accessibility in focus, making it available and easy to use by any patron. Made from high-quality materials including steel and aluminum, LibDeco is engineered to withstand heavy usage while maintaining long-term reliability.

Unleash your creativity

LibDeco is a product line of kiosks where libraries easily can decorate and style the kiosk to match the library design guide, or graphics and communicate messages linked to campaigns or seasons in just a few minutes. To go one step further with decorations, libraries can now add their own personal touch to the user interface design through the new theme editor.

The libraries can personalize their kiosk by easily replacing the back panel print with a new one that matches the library’s design brand or interior design.

Create your own back panel using the dimensions 259 x 1665 mm and 200g paper made with semi/satin.

New elegant user interface

The LibDeco kiosk comes with a new user interface design created by leading product design specialists and combined with Lyngsoe Software, it ensures that the self-guiding interface streamlines the borrowing process, enabling patrons to manage their check-outs with minimal guidance.

The library has the flexibility to personalize the screen elements to make them fit with their library. It is also possible to seamlessly incorporate third-party web applications. For example, if there's an external event overview your library subscribes to, it can be directly linked, providing patrons with instant information as they check out books.

You can add Digital Poster Manager to your self-check kiosk to attract the attention of your library visitors by using eye-catching, digital information on the self-service kiosks. Your library can share news, and important information, run promotions, and advertise for library events as well as new items in your collection. Only your imagination sets the limit. Read more about Lyngsoe Digital Poster here.

The large touch-screen interface provides users with a seamless and intuitive interaction, facilitating effortless navigation and engagement.

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Lyngsoe LibDeco

Inspiration to unleash your creativity

Back Panel design ideas

Digital Poster design ideas

Empowering Patrons, Enriching Libraries

Enable and empower your patrons with simple-to-use self-service library solutions. Let patrons help by taking over tasks when borrowing or returning items on library kiosks. This will release staff time to support new activities in your library. With the attractive self-service equipment and access solutions, the patrons feel welcome and can enjoy extended library services while at the same time helping staff by bringing the items to the next patron in line.


Library Cases

Numerous Benefits to Automating the Library Return Process

“The partnership with Lyngsoe Systems was very service-oriented. We were able to rely on the team’s professional and competent advice during both the planning and implementation of Lyngsoe’s products.”

Innovative Concept for the Future of Mobile Libraries

How can RFID self-service help to extend lending possibilities outside the mobile library’s very limited opening hours?

St Andrews Leading Technology Innovation in the Main Library

Working with the Lyngsoe Libraries team, the Lyngsoe Intelligent Hold™ Shelves was quickly identified as being the ideal solution.

The Latest Technology Comes to Middlesbrough’s Libraries and Community Hubs

“We’re delighted to introduce these sleek, self-service machines at four of our venues and are sure they’ll prove popular with regulars and new library users alike.”

The City of Gold Coast's Transformation with the Lyngsoe LibCabinet

Each LibCabinet location reported impressive lending volumes, a testament to the system's success

Self-service Pioneer Selected RFID-based Self-service and Sorting Solution

Since the deployment, Lyngsoe Systems has supplied Stockholm Public Library around one hundred self-service kiosks, RFID staff workstations, as well as larger sorting systems to the City Library as well as four large branches. The installation has resulted in library staff saving the repetitive tasks of manually sorting more than 50,000 books a month in the City Library alone.

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