Lyngsoe Phoenix™ - Smart RFID Self-Check Kiosk For Libraries

Discover the Lyngsoe Phoenix™, where thoughtful design meets advanced RFID technology to enhance the modern library experience. This elegant kiosk seamlessly blends into your library space while offering patrons a simplified and intuitive borrowing process. With capabilities such as smartphone check-out and third-party application integration, the Phoenix™ ensures a comprehensive and efficient service for both patrons and staff.

Elegance Meets Functionality in Modern Library Service

The Lyngsoe Phoenix™ is a fusion of sleek design and innovative RFID technology tailored to meet the needs of today’s libraries. Its exquisite design, characterized by a light, spacious aesthetic, not only enhances the ambiance of your library space but ensures efficient service delivery for patrons.

Constructed with a glass tabletop, the Phoenix bestows a sense of elegance and delicacy, yet doesn't compromise on functionality. Every detail, from its market-leading read-rate to its design, ensures library materials are positioned accurately and effortlessly. The kiosk is designed for RFID libraries, but barcode user identification is also available.

If a tabletop version is more suitable for your library environment, then you should check out the Phoenix Tabletop.

Tailored Library Experiences with the Librid 3 Software

Powered by the intuitive Librid 3 software, our self-guiding interface streamlines the borrowing process, enabling patrons to manage their check-outs with minimal guidance. After completing their borrowing, patrons have the convenience of printing out a receipt directly from the connected printer. For a touch-free experience, patrons can also opt to borrow books via their smartphones.

Additionally, with the Librid 3 Self-Service software, libraries have the flexibility to personalize screen elements and seamlessly incorporate third-party web applications. For example, if there's an external event overview your library subscribes to, it can be directly linked, providing patrons with instant information as they check out books.

In selected markets, it is possible to integrate payments to the Phoenix kiosk by equipping it with chip and pin.

Explore the Advantages of Lyngsoe Phoenix™

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Lyngsoe Phoenix

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