The Lyngsoe Metal Bin: the Perfect Solution for Efficient Material Collection 

The Lyngsoe Metal Bin is every library's perfect partner. It’s tailored to meet challenges with bulk material collection and transportation where both material safety and staff well-being are prioritized. Choose between three size options and enjoy the "I'm Full" system which ensures timely material management.

Solution for Inefficient bulk collection and material transportation in libraries

Libraries often face challenges when it comes to efficiently collecting and transporting bulk materials. The Lyngsoe Metal Bin is introduced as the ultimate library companion that addresses this problem. It offers a range of benefits and unique features designed to enhance library operations.

The Metal Bin provides flexibility and is suitable for handling large volumes of materials. Whether dealing with large items, a high number of items, or specific capacity requirements, this bin is designed to meet those needs. It can easily integrate with Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 and the Compact Sorter which enables flexibility and efficiency.


Choose the Ideal Size

Recognizing that each library has its own unique requirements, the Lyngsoe Metal Bin is available in three different sizes. This allows libraries to choose the ideal bin size that aligns precisely with their capacity needs, eliminating the need for compromises.

Keeping track of the bin's fill level is made easy with the smart "I'm Full" warning system. When used with the Sort Mate™ 2000 sorter module, the intelligent system continuously monitors the load. Once the bin reaches full capacity, both the system and the bin chute visually raise an alert to the staff, ensuring timely replacement of the full bin with an empty one. The system also allows for a 'nearly full' warning configuration for added convenience.

Easy Transport Solution

In addition to efficient material collection, the Lyngsoe Metal Bin offers an easy transport solution. It is equipped with an ergonomic handlebar and large, smooth-rolling wheels, allowing for effortless maneuvering of bulk returned items to the designated sorting area. This eliminates cumbersome tasks and promotes effortless transport.

The Metal Bin prioritizes the safety of materials and the well-being of library staff. Its integrated spring load system adjusts the bin floor automatically based on the weight of the loaded materials. This feature minimizes the drop distance when items are placed inside the bin, providing optimal protection. Furthermore, the bin floor has a soft layer to ensure careful handling of materials. When it's time to empty the bin, the automatic floor adaptation design ensures a comfortable and ergonomic work position for staff, making the task effortless.

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