Transform Your Library Sorting Experience- With Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 

Welcome to the revolution in library sorting technology. Introducing Sort Mate™ 2000, the cornerstone of your Automated Material Handling (AMH) solution. With installations in hundreds of locations worldwide, Sort Mate™ 2000 is the epitome of efficiency, adaptability, and reliability in library sorting solutions.

The Sort Mate™ 2000 offers a robust and reliable library sorting experience. Designed to adapt to various spaces, this modular marvel empowers your library's operations to a new level. With state-of-the-art control systems, Sort Mate™ 2000 seamlessly blends speed, precision, and efficiency in one compact solution.

Unlock the Future of Library Sorting Efficiency and Precision

Welcome to the forefront of library innovation. Introducing the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000, the cornerstone of your Automated Material Handling (AMH) solution—a system designed to automate the sorting, storing, and retrieval of library materials. Elevate your library's circulation capabilities to new heights, while drastically reducing operational costs and minimizing physical material handling.


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Modular Marvel - The Power of Adaptability

Unmatched Flexibility

At the core of the Sort Mate 2000 is its modular design, which is the epitome of adaptability. Whether your library is a cozy local branch or a sprawling university complex, our system adjusts to your needs.

Customizable Configurations

Tailor your sorting solution to your unique space requirements. Our system allows you to add or remove modules, giving you the flexibility to adapt as your library grows or changes.

Efficient Use of Space

Our compact, flexible modules are designed to make efficient use of every square foot. Even if your library has architectural limitations or unconventional spaces, the Sort Mate 2000 can seamlessly fit in.

Quiet and Comfortable

Low-noise operation is one of the key features of the Sort Mate 2000, ensuring a peaceful working environment for your staff. No more distractions or loud mechanical noises that interrupt the workflow.

Silent Efficiency - Sorting Perfected

Hassle-Free Sorting

Imagine a library where the sorting process is not a chore but a seamless, efficient task. With Lyngsoe software and hardware, you have the assurance of a system designed for accuracy and speed.

Reduce Staff Burden

The advanced technology behind Sort Mate 2000 significantly reduces the need for manual sorting. Staff can now focus on other essential tasks, as the system takes care of precise sorting autonomously.

Accelerate Circulation

The efficient sorting process means faster returns and quicker material availability for the next patron. Experience the ripple effects of this efficiency as you notice seamless circulation and enhanced patron satisfaction.

Your Path, Your Choices - Destination Decisions

Embark on a journey with the Sort Mate module, the foundational building block that sets the stage for sorting brilliance and quality. Choose from a vast array of sorting destinations — from high-speed conveyors that bridge distances, to stationary or movable bulk solutions and ergonomic carts. You can even integrate the innovative Lyngsoe Turn Mate™, designed to align book spines for optimal sorting.

Operating on a user-friendly interface, our system offers unparalleled compatibility and allows for easy modifications, ensuring your sorting solutions can evolve alongside your library's needs.

Precision-Controlled Sorting: Ensuring Every Item Finds Its Rightful Place

The Importance of Precision in Sorting

A seamless sorting experience hinges on precision. It's not just about moving items from point A to point B; it's about ensuring each item lands exactly where it's intended to be. While this may seem like a given, the operational advantages of such meticulous control can't be overstated.

Real-World Benefits of Precision

The advantages of precise sorting are more than technical; they're practically indispensable. For instance, accurate sorting optimizes the use of space in receptacles, eliminating the need for manual readjustment. This also allows for the formation of stable, vertical stacks in specialized carts, enhancing both space usage and staff safety.

Flexibility with Module Destinations

One of the standout features of precise control is the ability to add up to four destinations for a single sorting module. This is especially beneficial for categorizing smaller items like DVDs and CDs, allowing for more efficient space utilization and streamlined operations.


Learn more about the technology behind precise sorting

Changing the Patron Experience

Imagine the unparalleled delight of your patrons as they experience the transformative power of Sort Mate 2000. High-speed sorting not only drastically reduces waiting times but also creates a seamless journey from return to shelf. The fulfillment of holds transforms from a matter of weeks to just days, keeping patron satisfaction at the core of your library's mission.

Our system also offers real-time tracking of sorted items, adding another layer of convenience and reassurance for your patrons.

For an inclusive experience, Sort Mate 2000 features accessibility options, ensuring every patron can benefit from the advancements we bring to your library.

Charting the Course: Your Library's Future

Chart your library's course toward a future defined by efficiency, adaptability, and advanced technology. With Lyngsoe's Sort Mate 2000, you gain access to flexible layouts, optimized fill rates, and reliable tracking of items. Step confidently into a world that requires minimal maintenance, offers swift sorting, and guarantees a serene working environment.

Experience seamless integration with our unique IMMS™ solution platform, a state-of-the-art system designed to automate and optimize your library's various functions. This integration propels your library operations to unparalleled levels of efficiency and patron satisfaction.

Isn't it time you secured your library's future?  Discover how Sort Mate 2000 can make that future a reality.

Sort Your Way to an Elevated Library Experience

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Lyngsoe Sort Mate 2000

Why Choose Sort Mate 2000?

Discover the Benefits of Sorting modules

Define Your Sorting Needs

The basic building block of the Sort Mate™ 2000 is its module, which serves as the foundation for various destination and receptacle options. Choose from an array of solutions like conveyors, stationary or movable bulk units, ergonomic carts, and more. Customize your sorting solution to align perfectly with your logistical needs and operational processes. If you're considering acquiring a new sorter or looking to optimize an existing system, discover the key factors that will guide your decision.

Explore the considerations before acquiring a new sorter


Personalize Your Perfect Sorter

Extend the capabilities of your Sort Mate™ 2000 system with our selection of top-tier add-on products. Tailor your sorting solution to meet the specific needs of your library while maximizing efficiency and minimizing effort.

Turn Mate: Integrate our Turnmate system to ensure each book is oriented correctly for optimized sorting. Books will be placed with their spines facing out, simplifying subsequent shelving processes.

Conveyor: Supercharge the movement of materials across your sorting area with our specialized Convey system. Automate the transportation of items, reducing manual handling and increasing efficiency.

Elevations: Navigate the vertical spaces in your library effortlessly. Our Elevator system transports sorted materials between floors or levels, adding a new dimension to your sorting capabilities.

Tote Shelves: Enhance your storage capabilities with our modular shelving solutions. Designed for both manual and automated retrieval, our shelves seamlessly integrate with the Sort Mate™ 2000 system.

BISR: Add a touch of intelligence to your sorting processes with our BISR technology. Benefit from advanced features such as item tracking, auto-categorization, and more, making your sorting solution truly state-of-the-art.

With these add-ons, your Sort Mate™ 2000 system can achieve unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. Transform your library into a hub of modernity and convenience, delighting patrons and staff alike.

Navigate Your Journey: Introducing Inductions and Destinations

Unlock the full potential of your Sort Mate 2000 with our range of Inductions and Destinations options. From the first point of contact—where materials are introduced into the system—to the destination, before being placed on the shelf, we offer a variety of solutions tailored to your specific needs. Choose from a diverse array of induction methods, from self-service stations to staffed positions, as well as multiple destination options that can further enhance your sorting workflow.

Behind the Shelves: Real Stories from Sort Mate 2000

See how libraries worldwide have transformed their sorting experience with Sort Mate™ 2000.

Numerous Benefits to Automating the Library Return Process

“The partnership with Lyngsoe Systems was very service-oriented. We were able to rely on the team’s professional and competent advice during both the planning and implementation of Lyngsoe’s products.”

Automatic Book Return in Dortmund

The library’s customers had no problems at all with the new return machines, so there was very little need for support from the start.

Ergonomics on a Big Scale

“Odense Libraries have achieved a better physical working environment due to fewer or almost no heavy lifting. This implies employee satisfaction and the expectation of fewer days of sick leave.”

Average Turnaround Time Down From Days to Hours

With circulation approaching one million items a year, Worcester Public Library needed to switch from manual to automated material handling.

Automation – A Core Factor in Innovative Library Success

Darien Library is making its mark through excellent and wide-ranging customer service, which they attribute partly to the automation systems that have raised the library’s operational pace and efficiency, making its core services fast and easy to use.

The Lyngsoe Ergo Box™ Creates a Better Working Environment

"Together with Lyngsoe Systems we have developed the Ergo Box that enables library staff to remove the media from the sorting system while standing upright as much as possible. As the box floor moves up and down automatically, materials can always be handled at a back-friendly height, which reduces the risk of back pain."

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