Elevate your Branch Efficiency with Lyngsoe Tote Check-In Server™

Simplify and streamline your library's sorting with the Lyngsoe Tote Check-In Server™. Extend operational efficiencies seamlessly from central sorting to every branch, while gaining unparalleled visibility into your system. Experience the forefront of batch management technology that transforms processes and optimizes workflow.

Extending the efficiencies of your Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ central sorter to all your branches

By centralizing the current sorting workload, which includes items for both the library's internal use and the broader library system's requirements, you'll effectively lighten the significant burden of manual book sorting at each individual branch. This strategic shift to a centralized facility brings substantial relief to the labor-intensive task of sorting books within your library branches. It streamlines the process, reducing the need for manual intervention and making operations more efficient across the entire network of branches

The highly accurate Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ tracking system automatically creates a piece-by-piece manifest of all items sorted to your shipping containers. Through the simple interface of the Lyngsoe Tote Check-in Server™ software, an overview of the items sorted to the tote by the Sort Mate becomes readily available.


An entire tote checked in with one scan

Typical shipping totes from central processing contain 30-40 items, all requiring a repetitive and time-consuming individual scan of each item. The Tote Check-in Server eliminates the repetition by allowing for one single scan of the tote, triggering the automatic check-in of all the items in the tote. Eliminating 30+ item scans from your processes per tote will save you time and money.

Tote Check-In Server tracking creates visibility

The Administrator dashboard provides detailed reports of the status of your sorting and processing operation. Tracking of tote location, or finding an individual item within the totes, is now possible.

If an item changes status while in transit, the Tote Check-in Server automatically identifies this and notifies the operator of the item when the tote is scanned at arrival.

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Lyngsoe Tote Check In Server

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