Elevate Book Sorting with Lyngsoe Turn Mate™

Step into a new era of library management with Lyngsoe Turn Mate™; a turning book system that makes sure the books turn the correct way depending on the destination. It can seamlessly integrate with Lyngsoe Ergo Carts™ and Lyngsoe Ergo Staff™.

Effortless Book Handling - Perfectly Aligned Shelves

Experience unmatched convenience as patrons effortlessly follow the intuitive directions provided by our Lyngsoe Library Mate™ induction software. The Turn Mate™ gracefully adjusts the orientation of the books, ensuring well-stacked spines facing outward within Ergo Carts. Gone are the days of strenuous manual sorting and shelving.

Experience the freedom to tailor your book sorting system to your library's layout. The Turn Mate™ accommodates materials from multiple directions, effortlessly adapting to even the most intricate architectural designs. This means optimal space utilization and a harmonious shelving process that complements your library's individuality.


Why choose Lyngsoe Turn Mate™

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Lyngsoe Turn Mate

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