Lyngsoe LibCabinet™: Your 24/7 Mini Library Solution

Extend the reach of your library services without increasing staffing needs. The Lyngsoe LibCabinet™ offers patrons round-the-clock access to books and other library materials, all in a sleek, secure unit that requires only a network cable and power outlet to operate.

Extend Your Library to New Locations

With the Lyngsoe LibCabinet™, you can offer an independent mini library at an indoor location of your choice; the patrons can have access to your books 24/7. With a combined check-in, check-out and holds function, all you need is a network cable and power outlet. The LibCabinet allows you to maintain or even significantly extend the library’s reach. A very simple process for your patrons.

The stylish, transparent doors are equipped with an electronic lock that can easily be opened by presenting a patron card to a card reader (or using the integrated touch screen). The patron takes the books he or she wants and just closes the door again. After closing the door, the LibCabinet prints out a receipt, which tells the patron exactly which books he or she has taken and when they need to be returned.

Returning a book is equally simple: present the card – open the door – return the book – close the door.

The Libcabinet features a very high capacity allowing many of your patrons to enjoy the accessibility of this extended service. If you want to extend your service of making books put on hold even in demanding locations, then you could consider the Lyngsoe Smart Lockers.

Discover the benefits of Lyngsoe LibCabinet™

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Lyngsoe Libcabinet

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