Lyngsoe RFID Gates™ - Efficient Protection of Your Collection

Protect your valuable collection with Lyngsoe RFID Gates™, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art security solution. From compact entrances to expansive openings, we offer a tailored system that fits every need, ensuring that no item leaves your library without proper checkout.

Your Library’s Collection is a Valued Community Investment

Lyngsoe systems offers a wide range of advanced library gate solutions to ensure the security of your collection. The gates help you protect your print materials and digital media from unintended removal or theft. When someone walks between the gates with a library item that is not checked out properly an alarm will sound.

The offering includes several different options for wide entrances, different technologies, and designs. We have partnered up with FEIG and Gateway to provide the best available technology for library security for our customers. 

All security gates are fully compatible with all the relevant industry standards, and the function is guaranteed by most of the RFID tag or EM strip manufacturers. All our anti-theft systems can be connected to third-party devices, such as a security camera to trigger a recording when the alarm is triggered. 

RFID Security Alarm Gates From FEIG

The FEIG security gates are the most installed system in the world and have been trusted by libraries for decades in securing their collection. The design is nearly transparent and will blend into any library environment and secure the collection without compromising the attractiveness of the library space or intimidating the patrons.

Discreet design to deter thieves without intimidating library patrons. Secured media carried through the gates will activate light and/or a sound alert.

The library security gates are installed as stand-alone installations to reduce the risk of tampering with the system. Together with the Lyngsoe Gate Controller software, the anti-theft gates will also have extensive reporting tools available, for instance, on patron counts entering or exiting the library. 

The RFID Security Gates

The RFID security gates come in two different versions for normal or wide openings. The library gate can be expanded to up to eight pedestals to cover an extra wide-open entrance. This enables you to ensure accessibility by opening your library up to disabled people and will help you to be flexible in terms of accommodating goods in – and – out through your entrances.

The gates are designed with the modern library in mind, providing a sleek looking and a small footprint antenna for security. All without compromising the performance. 

The security gates can be equipped with the Lyngsoe Dashboard software and the reporter software to provide the ever so useful alarm and patron count data in many different formats, as well as the item title and barcode of all the items creating the alarm, in real time.

Lyngsoe Gate Controller Software - Access and Control Software for Your Alarm Gates

When a secured RFID item passes through Lyngsoe Alarm Gates, Lyngsoe Gate Controller will collect the item-ID and e.g. display the author and title on the staff screen.

Lyngsoe Gate Controller offers detailed statistics of patron entry and exit. Graphical overviews are available in the software, and data can be exported to fit individual reporting needs.

The Lyngsoe Gate Controller Sotware features a site overview to see activity at individual gates in the library, providing valuable information for planning purposes.

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