RFID Library Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Navigating the evolving landscape of library services demands modern, flexible solutions. Believe in empowering libraries and their patrons through intuitive, adaptable self-service kiosk systems. From sleek design to user-friendly software, the focus is on enhancing the library experience for all. Whether aiming to optimize transaction times, provide diverse hardware designs across different locations, or offer patrons the convenience of mobile control, there's a solution tailored to meet every unique need. Dive in and explore the world of Self-Service Kiosks.

Discover Leading Library Kiosk Solutions For Your Needs

Our library self-service kiosks enhance the user experience by creating a welcoming and easy to use environment for users to issue, return, renew, pay library charges, and browse their account, whilst freeing up valuable staff time. Our fastest ever transaction times come as standard.

Lyngsoe offer a whole range of self-service kiosks to fit any library environment – applicable for RFID and/or barcode. All are designed around the philosophy of a fast, enjoyable experience for all ages and abilities. There are many built in features to assist accessibility including easy to read and easy to reach touch screens.  Free standing, tabletop, and height adjustable options means you really can fit a Lyngsoe kiosk into any library space.

Lyngsoe’s Software Ensures Optimal User Experience

We always recommend the simple user interface to truly allow the library to handle the processes on their own, and thereby make them actual self-service. Too much complexity will result in user standing in line and an increased need for staff support. 

Each device can be tailored to your library’s specific needs – lending, returns, renewals, account information and payments can all be carried out on a kiosk simultaneously. The important part is for you to decide, how we can best support your unique flows in your library. Just want to issue/lend on a kiosk? No problem, our software allows you to choose functionality offered and each kiosk can be configured differently whilst still being managed from a central point.

Our many years of library self-service experience has resulted in a sophisticated set of functionalities accessed through an easy-to-understand, accessible interface. At the same time, there is a great deal of flexibility, if you want to tailor the interface to your library’s look and feel by adjusting colors, fonts, and logo’s.

Our feature packed software gives library users everything they need to deliver high levels of satisfaction – they can even control the kiosk from their mobile device. Other features such as flexible receipts that can be printed or emailed give users all the information they need for a successful transaction. 

Select Your Library Kiosk Solution

At Lyngsoe we have developed a wide range of self-service systems to suit the needs of any library, from the sleek modern Phoenix kiosk to customized systems built into library furniture and exterior. Each system includes all the library circulation functionality you need just with a different look and feel to fit your library design.

We are happy to help you choose the right solution for your library. All running on the same software (Librid), so the handling is easy for your staff, also if you want different hardware designs across your locations.

Intelligent Shelf

If you are interested in keeping the process of returning books or picking up items on hold even simpler, then you should check out our intelligent return shelf and intelligent hold shelf as well.


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