Elevating Patron Experience with Self-Service Convenience

The Library Mate™ 5000 is a height-adjustable, wall-mounted unit that ensures every patron enjoys a seamless experience. From easy-to-read fonts to intuitive voice guidance, it offers barrier-free access, facilitating efficient returns, renewals, and lending. Integrated with the Sort Mate™ system or as a standalone.

Wall-Mounted, Height Adjustable Self-Service Return, Renewal and Lending for Patrons

Height-adjustable by the push of a button the Library Mate™ 5000 allows a comfortable process for all patrons. Barrier-free patron access is available in the newest Library Mate™ software offering specially designed easy-to-read fonts and voice guidance.

Integrating into the Sort Mate™ sorting system or set up as stand-alone, the Library Mate™ 5000 allows patrons to return materials quickly by themselves, relieving staff from repetitive work. The Library Mate™ software communicates with the ILS/LMS to change the status of the materials immediately.

The touch screen opens for the choice of language and leads the patron comfortably through the return process. 

If a free-standing solution is a better choice for your library, you should read about the Lyngsoe Classic.

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Empowering Patrons, Enriching Libraries

Enable and empower your patrons with simple-to-use self-service library solutions. Let patrons help by taking over tasks when borrowing or returning items on library kiosks. This will release staff time to support new activities in your library. With the attractive self-service equipment and access solutions, the patrons feel welcome and can enjoy extended library services while at the same time helping staff by bringing the items to the next patron in line.


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