Lyngsoe Phoenix Tabletop™ - Modern Rfid Self-Check Unit For Libraries

The Lyngsoe Phoenix Tabletop™—your solution for effortless, high-quality self-service in libraries. Driven by intuitive Librid3 software and designed for ultimate convenience, this tabletop unit streamlines borrowing and returns while fitting seamlessly into any library environment.

Easy-To-Use Self-Check for Modern Libraries

The physical design of the kiosk makes it easy for patrons to place the items correctly in the opening below the screen. The super sleek desktop Lyngsoe Phoenix Tabletop™ is designed for barcode and RFID sites. It is powered by intuitive Librid3 self-service software with customizable screen elements. It allows you to adjust the user interface to fit, for example, into the children's section or to your library’s design.

The software is easy to use. A typical lending process takes only a few steps, and the materials are simply placed on the tabletop as advised on the screen – potentially in a stack, if RFID is implemented. The Librid software can be configured to support the check-out as well as the return and renewal processes. 

The tabletop kiosk is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s libraries. As an optional software feature, the Lyngsoe Remote Controller software also works with the tabletop kiosk, allowing patrons to avoid touching the screen and use their own smart phone as the interface.

You can add Digital Poster Manager to your self-check kiosk to attract the attention of your library visitors by using eye-catching, digital information on the self-service kiosks. Your library can share news, and important information, run promotions, and advertise for library events as well as new items in your collection. Only your imagination sets the limit. Read more about Lyngsoe Digital Poster here.

If you also have the Self-Operated Library solution from Lyngsoe, then logging in at the beginning of unmanned hours can also be done via the kiosk.

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Lyngsoe Phoenix Tabletop

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Library Cases

Numerous Benefits to Automating the Library Return Process

“The partnership with Lyngsoe Systems was very service-oriented. We were able to rely on the team’s professional and competent advice during both the planning and implementation of Lyngsoe’s products.”

Innovative Concept for the Future of Mobile Libraries

How can RFID self-service help to extend lending possibilities outside the mobile library’s very limited opening hours?

St Andrews Leading Technology Innovation in the Main Library

Working with the Lyngsoe Libraries team, the Lyngsoe Intelligent Hold™ Shelves was quickly identified as being the ideal solution.

The Latest Technology Comes to Middlesbrough’s Libraries and Community Hubs

“We’re delighted to introduce these sleek, self-service machines at four of our venues and are sure they’ll prove popular with regulars and new library users alike.”

The City of Gold Coast's Transformation with the Lyngsoe LibCabinet

Each LibCabinet location reported impressive lending volumes, a testament to the system's success

Self-service Pioneer Selected RFID-based Self-service and Sorting Solution

Since the deployment, Lyngsoe Systems has supplied Stockholm Public Library around one hundred self-service kiosks, RFID staff workstations, as well as larger sorting systems to the City Library as well as four large branches. The installation has resulted in library staff saving the repetitive tasks of manually sorting more than 50,000 books a month in the City Library alone.

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