Streamlining library operations with high-speed Lyngsoe Conveyors

Lyngsoe Conveyor Systems, an integral part of the Sort Mate 2000 series which empowers libraries to automate returns and elevate their operations. Say goodbye to manual handling and hello to a streamlined, cost-effective, and efficient circulation system.

Tailored for Success - The Perfect Match for Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000

Imagine a seamless transition from patron inductions to the sorting process – That's the power of Lyngsoe Conveyors. Designed to flawlessly integrate with Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000, the conveyors effortlessly bridge the gap, and serve as resourceful tools for managing elevation changes, even spanning multiple floors. Unlock new dimensions within your library's layout with Lyngsoe Conveyors and embrace the potential of your library's space like never before.


Enhance Sorting Efficiency to New Heights

Experience the ultimate in sorting efficiency as Lyngsoe Conveyors enable libraries to efficiently sort across multiple lines within a central sorter. This dynamic approach maximizes the utilization of available destinations, all while maintaining an astonishingly high-speed process.

Unveiling the Advantages of Lyngsoe Conveyors

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Harvest the benefits of automatic book sorting

With the latest generation in Automated Material Handling Systems for libraries, Sort Mate™ 2000, you will significantly improve circulation, while reducing cost and the need for physical handling of materials. Lyngsoe Systems’ Sort Mate™ sorter series is modular, allowing the same fast, accurate, and reliable quality to lift the performance in a central sorting facility and a branch library.


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