Lyngsoe Ergo Feeder™ 2000 - automated induction of items

Destack with ease on your library book sorting system – Instead of feeding items one at a time onto the Lyngsoe Ergo Staff™ induction on a Sort Mate™ 2000, create a stack, and let the Ergo Feeder™ do the rest.

Destacking with ease and unlocking resources

By automating the feeding process with the Ergo Feeder™, you can free up your staff to focus on other important tasks. Once the feeder is set in motion, it allows your staff to handle additional responsibilities efficiently.

With the Ergo Feeder™, you can effortlessly stack items and let gravity do the work. The bottom plate of the feeder elevates items one at a time, smoothly feeding them onto the Ergo Staff™ for the normal, fast check-in and sorting process. When the feeder is empty, simply create a new stack and press start again.

Our solution effectively frees up valuable human resources by streamlining operations and providing you with a multitude of advantages. 

Unlocking the Advantages of Ergo Feeder™ 2000

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Ergo Feeder

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