Improve Patron Access with Library Mate™ 2100 - Exterior Patron Induction

Welcome patrons in any weather: experience the durable and stylish Library Mate™ 2100 - weatherproof exterior edition

Your weatherproof solution for smart and secure book returns

Experience the perfect blend of resilience and sophistication with the Library Mate™ 2100, our robust and stylish self-return kiosk designed specifically for outdoor use. Built to withstand various weather conditions, its steel and aluminum front guarantees long-lasting durability while maintaining a sleek appearance.

The Library Mate™ 2100 features a secure door that protects the induction interior and safeguards the library from unauthorized objects, ensuring round-the-clock protection, whether in manned or unmanned service hours. Effortlessly integrating with the Sort Mate™ sorter, it efficiently checks materials with the LMS/ILS, provides immediate feedback to patrons, and effortlessly feeds materials into the sorting system.

Equipped with a high-quality touchscreen, the Library Mate™ 2100 offers a user-friendly interface with multi-language functionality, guiding patrons confidently through the return process. Our latest Library Mate™ software enhances accessibility with specially designed easy-to-read fonts and voice guidance, ensuring a barrier-free experience for all users.

Unveiling the Advantages of Library Mate™ 2100

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Library Mate 2100

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