Lyngsoe Ergo Staff™ 1200 - fast and ergonomic staff induction for Sort Mate™ 2000 Sorters

Experience unmatched efficiency and ergonomic comfort with the Ergo Staff™ 1200, the ultimate material induction solution for staff. Designed for optimal user experience, it seamlessly feeds materials directly into the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ sorter with exceptionally high capacity, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Solution for inefficient and uncomfortable staff induction

Libraries often face challenges with the induction process for staff using Sort Mate™ 2000 sorters. The Lyngsoe Ergo Staff™ 1200 is introduced as the ultimate ergonomic induction point designed to address this problem. It offers a range of benefits tailored to meet the needs of library staff, enhancing their work experience.

The Ergo Staff™ 1200 prioritizes the comfort and well-being of staff members during sorting tasks. Its countertop can be easily adjusted in height, allowing staff members to work in a comfortable and ergonomic standing or seated position. This flexibility ensures that staff can work efficiently without discomfort.

With a remarkable capacity to handle up to 2,250 materials per hour, the Ergo Staff™ 1200 ensures high operational capacity, ideal for libraries with a large volume of materials to process. This capacity enables streamlined workflows and increased productivity, contributing to efficient sorting operations.


Ergonomics in control with high operational capacity

The Ergo Staff™ 1200 is designed with a user-friendly button that provides clear red/green light guidance to staff. This intuitive system ensures a fast and simple check-in process, enabling staff members to work with ease and confidence. The Ergo Staff™ 1200 supports advanced technologies such as RFID and optional barcode scanning, allowing for seamless material identification. It also offers a convenient touch screen interface, simplifying tasks and saving time, ultimately contributing to improved productivity.

By providing an ergonomic design and customizable features, the Ergo Staff™ 1200 ensures that staff members can carry out their tasks without strain or discomfort, reducing the risk of work-related injuries. Its adjustable height and optional auto-leveling shelf enhance ergonomics and create a comfortable working environment for staff members.

Designed for Library Staff

By upgrading to the Lyngsoe Ergo Staff™ 1200, libraries can optimize their sorting operations and provide their staff with the tools they need to excel. The ergonomic design, high operational capacity, and user-friendly features of the Ergo Staff™ 1200 create a productive and efficient work environment. Libraries can simplify their sorting processes, strengthen staff comfort, and embrace the future of efficient staff induction with the Ergo Staff™ 1200, the ultimate induction point for Sort Mate™ 2000 sorters.


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