Graphical Display System (CGS) / HMI Monitor – Your Gateway to Active System Overview

Step into a new era of control and monitoring with the Graphical Display System (CGS) / HMI Monitor. Imagine having an active, real-time overview of your entire Automated Materials Handling (AMH) system at your fingertips. Whether you manage a large AMH system or need to ensure efficiency even when staff isn't on-site, the CGS / HMI Monitor is your ultimate solution.

Giving you the active overview of your complete automated material handling system

Through graphical color-coding, the overview monitor showcases active components with clarity. With color-coding you instantly detect anomalies, errors, or areas needing intervention, like a full chute, effortlessly locating them on the layout so you can quickly respond.

Regardless of your AMH system's scale or bustling operational periods, the overview monitor ensures your response time is unmatched. It swiftly addresses issues, minimizing disruptions and maximizing overall efficiency.

The overview monitor transcends physical boundaries, enabling you to remain in control even when the sorting room is unattended. The monitor makes it possible to stay connected, informed, and steering your system towards peak performance no matter where you are.

Unveiling the Advantages of Graphical Display System

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