Lyngsoe Library Mate™ 1200: Elevate Patron Induction

With the automatic material handling sorting system, your library can offer patrons the convenience of self-returning materials. This enables quick and hassle-free returns and alleviates staff from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more meaningful interactions and services.

Enhance Efficiency with the Compact and Cost-Effective Self-Return Kiosk

Streamline your library operations with the Lyngsoe Library Mate™ 1200, the compact and cost-efficient indoor self-return kiosk. By seamlessly integrating with the Sort Mate™ AMH sorting system, this innovative solution empowers patrons to return materials quickly and independently, freeing your valuable staff from repetitive tasks. With the Library Mate™ software, material status updates are instantaneously communicated to the ILS/LMS.

The user-friendly touchscreen interface offers a choice of languages and guides patrons effortlessly through the return process. Our latest Library Mate™ software features specially designed easy-to-read fonts and voice guidance, ensuring a barrier-free and comfortable experience for all users.

Unveiling the Advantages of Library Mate™ 1200

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Library Mate 1200

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