Lyngsoe Library Clerk™: Streamlining Shelf Management with Precision

Eliminate the challenges of locating misplaced books and the jumble of mixed genres. Harnessing an intuitive mobile application and an ergonomic design tailored for librarians, the Library Clerk simplifies tasks, conserves precious time, and amplifies overall efficiency. Dive into a transformed library experience where efficient shelf management is no longer an aspiration but a reality.

Your Assistant for Easy Shelf Management

Avoid the time-consuming task of finding “lost” materials in your library or confusing your patrons when genres, categories, and books are being mixed up. With the new Lyngsoe Library Clerk you will get the perfect assistant.

Library Clerk focuses on the individual shelf management task or handles simultaneous tasks. It is furthermore a timesaving, effective and easy-to-handle product for the library staff to use in their daily work. The solution is a great support to locating lost books, finding holds, doing stock-take, or identifying library items from inter-library loans.

Keeping Track of Data

Lyngsoe Library Clerk™ Manager is a web-based management application library staff can use to load lists exported from the ILS/LMS. Such lists can be sent as task lists to the mobile device. In the management application staff can import the collected information from the mobile hand-held, then manage the lists, and download them for updating the library ILS/LMS data.

Mobile Application

Finally the Lyngsoe Library Clerk™ Device app completes the solution. This device app is downloaded to the library’s choice of Android phone or tablet and enables library staff to operate the device. They will use it as their task-list for finding materials, weeding, or doing inventory of the library shelves.

Altogether the Lyngsoe Library Clerk™ Device app communicates with the high-performance, mobile HF RFID reader, which the library staff use to scan and read.

Ergonomic Design

Its light weight makes it very comfortable to use in the daily library work processes, no matter if the material (book or other type of library item) is placed on the bottom shelf or the top shelf. 

The application on your mobile device is very intuitive and easy to use. It has several smart and intelligent solutions, such as simultaneous tasking. In addition, it has alarm signals that inform when action is required by the library staff. 

Lyngsoe Library Clerk™ Integrates with Hublet Tablets, making Shelf Management Effortless

Save additional resources by combining Library Clerk™ with Hublet self-service tablets.

The easy-to-read display on the Hublet tablet, combined with the fast and light Library Clerk™ scanner, makes shelf management painless whilst saving time and increasing staff efficiency.

Simply download the Lyngsoe Library Clerk™ device app onto your portable Hublet tablet and make challenging shelf management a thing of the past.


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Library Clerk

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